There are a lot of proud people that could claim that title throughout the history of the world. There are people you don’t know in school, but you learn about them in textbooks. These are the kind of people who did something crazy but didn’t get a lot of attention.

There are many people who are deserving of more recognition. These are just a few.


1. Leo Major managed to liberate an entire town all by himself.


2. Francis Pegahmagabow, a sniper who took out about 378 German soldiers in World War I.


3. Sir Christopher Lee. Fought in World War II and released heavy metal albums.


4. Boudicca Led. A Celtic queen who fought against the Roman empire.


5. Marcel Marceau. A French underground mime.


6. Claudette Colvin. She was the true initiation of the Alabama bus boycotts.


7. Eva Mozes Kor spread the message of hope after surviving the holocaust.


8. For Irish freedom, Grace O’Malley stood up and fought for it.


9. The Trung sisters. Fought China for Vietnam’s freedom.


10. Mary Read. A pirate queen who sailed the seas by dressing as a man.


11. Francisco De Miranda was a part of three major revolutionary wars.