funniest dog haircuts

The stress of getting a drastic haircut is something we all know. Taking high risks is required for a high reward cut. Is it possible that the stylist cuts off too much? If they misinterpret your vision and give you a mullet, what would you do? What if the trendy bob ends up being a bowl cut? The feeling of leaving the salon knowing you are stuck with an unsalvageable hairdo for the next few months is worse than the pre-haircut anxiety.

When a haircut goes wrong, we have the chance to speak up, but our pets don’t. When we leave our babies at the groomer, we hope they will look as cute as when we left them. Bringing in photos of what you want is a great way to prevent terrible haircuts. It is possible to bring in examples of what you do not want in animals. We gathered photos of some of the worst haircuts pets have ever received to make you laugh and maybe to be cautionary tales as well. Jess Rona is Los Angeles’ most popular celebrity dog groomer.


1. I asked for the “Could speak to your manager” haircut? I almost peed myself.


Haircuts can be very emotional for us. One in five American women burst into tears after leaving a salon, according to a survey. I’m not sure if I’m part of that group. The Daily Mail also reported that “One in five [women] have been so disappointed they have withheld a tip, one in ten have refused to pay the bill, and one percent have even threatened to sue a salon after a bad haircut.”

It is no surprise that we care about our pets’ fur as well. Alpha Paw breaks down some of the facts of pet grooming, including its importance for your animal’s health and hygiene, and it may be tempting to skip a trip to the groomer for fear of an unfortunate cut.


2. I made a mistake. She will not allow me to clip anymore. Will I be arrested?


Alpha Paws says that giving your dog a spa day at the groomer will help your dog grow healthy and evenly distribute its natural oils. They’re likely to notice things you could miss. “Your groomer will look over, feel, and check every area of your dog, so they will likely discover any problems. They may discover lumps, skin issues, seeds, infections, or injuries that the owner has missed. Groomers are professionals intent on giving their canine charges the best possible appearance, hygiene, and health.”

It is important to make sure your dog’s coat is not matted. Matting can lead to a host of issues including skin inflammation and infections. Depending on your dog’s breed and fur, professionals recommend getting your dog groomed every six to eight weeks. “If your dog has a short coat, most groomers recommend bathing no more than twice a month, with once a month being optimal. Bathing more often will strip your dog’s skin and coat of essential oils. Dogs with medium to long coats should have a full groom every four to six weeks. A dog with a long coat will benefit from monthly “tidying” to shave off any matting.”


3. This Cat is Fully Shaved… Except For Its Face.


4. Y’all. My cousin’s dog was given a Mohawk haircut. We have been laughing for two days.


Similar to human haircuts, there is a wide range in the cost and quality of pet grooming. A $7 haircut from Walmart is not going to give the same results as a $300 styling at a high-end salon. The business of luxury pet grooming was born. Pet spas are becoming more popular as high-end pet products hit the market.

Les Pooch is a business marketing to pets. Based in New York, Les Pooch’s website says they are “dedicated to developing the finest professional dog grooming tools, luxurious fragrances & gentle bathing products”.


5. “Gave Him A Shave”


6. Had to have the vet shave my cat because he looked so fake.


Les Pooch wants the best for our animals. “Les Pooch was founded on the concept of providing the best care for your best friend. We recognize that your pooch is more than a pet. He or she is a beloved member of your family. That love is not one-sided. Your pooch loves you too. You can see it in his or her eyes, the crook of the head, the wag of the tail. As the human caregivers for these lovable companions, we want to shower them with affection and show how much we care.”


7. What Happened?


8. I asked the groom to cut her fur shorter.


9. “Give My Dog A Slinky Look” “I Gotchu Fam”


The world’s most fabulous dogs are featured on their website. The most wealthy and fabulous. The price for a 4-ounce bottle of the scent is $4,000. The product’s description is eloquent.

“A diffusive unisex fragrance with top notes of Mandarin Blossom and Pink Grapefruit, Michel VIP Parfums are the ultimate expression of art. The light, fresh, elegant scent dries down to the perfect accords of Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Orris which, when combined with the rare Essence of the Osmanthus flower, creates a soft, warm, and unique harmony. Only once every two years can enough petals of the rare Osmanthus flower be picked and distilled to create this truly distinctive ‘living’ fragrance that soothes the olfactory senses.”


10. This Dog Looks Like It Is Wearing A Mask.


I know that my pet will be treated as a member of my family. I will not be able to afford a $4,000 cologne for my future pup, but I will still give them a level of extravagance that fits into my budget. Even though they are an animal, they can still be humiliated by an atrocious hairstyle like the pets featured on this list. My dog will have the right to burst into tears if I accidentally trust the wrong groomer.

Have you ever had a traumatic experience with your pet? We would love to hear about it in the comments section, and you can vote for the animals that you feel the most sympathy for.