Childcare comes with a number of unique challenges. Sometimes taking care of little munchkins isn’t even the hardest thing! Sometimes, it’s the parents who give you headaches and make you seriously reevaluate the choice to help this particular family. That’s the kind of situation Redditor Electronic_Professor was in.

The Redditor shared a story that was dramatic, about a babysitter client who wasn’t punctual at all and never communicated properly. The client was a mother who always came home late without prior notice.

Over time, the babysitter grew increasingly frustrated. The final straw was when the mother was too late to come home, completely ruining Electronic_Professor’s plans for the night. It was then that Redditor felt that he needed to call the police about what was going on. He then asked the AITA community for a verdict on who was wrong in this case.

A frustrated babysitter shared her story on the AITA subreddit about how she eventually called cops on one of her clients.

This is how it all happened, in the babysitter’s own words.

babysitter calling cops on client

One night, mom had to be back at 9 pm. Surprisingly, 9 at night arrives and she is nowhere to be seen. The babysitter kept calling and texting her to no avail. Finally, her plans for the night were ruined, feeling completely ignored by her client, she decided to go with an ultimatum: either the mother returns at 1 am or the Redditor considers that the children are abandoned and calls the police.

Electronic_Professor carried out her threat and the police came to pick up the children and take them to the station. Naturally, the babysitter provided all the evidence of having tried to contact the mother throughout the night.

However, the Redditor did not get a chance to sleep peacefully. She received a call in the middle of the night from the mother who cursed her. Meanwhile, in the morning, the babysitter received a long message from the client and was blamed for everything. The reason the babysitter asked the AITA community for a verdict was that she spoke to a friend with children who said she may have been acting mean by calling the police.

The babysitter’s post got 27.7 thousand upvotes in a single day and she started a real discussion on the subreddit, garnering more than 3.4 thousand comments. Many people supported what Redditor did, speculating on possible reasons why the mother was consistently late. Unfortunately, it seems that the mother didn’t pay the babysitter for her services after all the drama. What’s more, it is still not clear why the mother was so late.

The story’s author had additional information she wanted to share with people who were interested in what happened.

Most Redditors were very sympathetic to the babysitter. This is what they said about the dramatic situation.