Fortunately, it was captured on camera when a cute baby girl with Down syndrome wanted to give her new adoptive mother a big smile. After being posted to the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network Facebook page, the video received thousands of reactions. The family of 8-month-old “Baby H” now resides in Texas. This name was chosen to protect the child’s privacy during the adoption process.


To see the entire video, scroll all the way to the bottom of this article.

When her mother asked Baby H how her day was going while they were both lounging on a blanket, her adorable face burst into the infamous grin!

“When Baby H was almost eight months old, she woke up one morning with this brand-new smile,” her mom said to The Daily Mail. “We noticed it several times and realized she was showing us a cheesy grin–we laughed and laughed every time she did it and she just loved the attention.”

In the interview, her mother also mentioned that she had noticed that Baby H could smile on command. Her mother says in the following segment of the video, “Ohh I love your new smile! That is the cutest! Can you show me again?”

Naturally, Baby H just has to give her a big smile when she hears her mother’s voice. Then you hear her mother say, “Oh my goodness I like that new smile!”

In an interview with The Daily Mail, her mother said that she laughed because she adores her child’s smile so much.

“You can tell by my laughter how much we adore this smile and she actually only smiled like this for a couple of weeks so this video is a treasure for us.”

“We hope that all the viewers will see the beauty that lies in people with Down Syndrome,” she continued. “Although a Down Syndrome diagnosis can be scary, the reality is that your child has a purpose and will be able to live a full and happy life.”


What a precious baby smile! Do you have any acquaintances who might find this as endearing as the thousands of social media users who have already viewed it? Make sure they see it as well.