A photograph of a baby wearing an adult surgical face mask on a plane has sparked a ferocious debate online.

While many are applauding the mother for trying to protect her baby from Covid, others claim it was child abuse.

The photographer who captured the image on the Air New Zealand flight said it was a ‘super-sweet interaction’ and nothing sinister.

“The baby was full of joy, jumping around and giggling away. It made the wait to get off the plane a bit more entertaining,” he said.

Some online commenters however were outraged by the image, with one saying: “If I saw this on a flight I’d remove the mask from her myself.”

The photo was so sad that it was dangerous to cover their breathing holes.

Mr. Opperman defended the mother, saying the mask wasn’t tight around the baby’s face.

“I think it was a mix of having a laugh and trying her best to protect her child with the equipment available to her,” he told the New Zealand Herald.

The baby had her fist raised in the photo to assure you there are enough holes and gaps in the mask to breathe properly and don’t be a Karen and complain about a picture on Facebook.

Another said the baby “Must be training as a superhero lol! The world is not yet ready for SuperBaby.”

The baby was found to be funny and compared to horror film characters.

All passengers over 12 must wear face masks on domestic flights in New Zealand.

It is recommended that parents choose a mask that is comfortable for their child to wear.

There should be no gaps above, below, or on the sides of the mask.

Dr. Amanda Kvalsvig stated that the masks should be fitted so that the air isn’t moving around the sides.

“That need for a good seal around the mask would make me question whether a larger mask is going to be effective on a small face,” she said.

The baby on the plane wearing a mask might reduce the amount of virus they breathe in, according to a microbiologist.

“But probably best to invest in masks designed for little ones.”