Most pregnant women in Western countries can now see amazing 3D images of their unborn children while they are still growing inside their mothers’ wombs. This is because technology has improved over the years.

Because of these amazing scans, parents no longer have to guess as much about what their unborn child will look like and what gender it will be.

But the doctors won’t be able to tell you what color your baby’s eyes will be, how much hair they’ll have, or how dark their hair will be.

On the second day of Christmas in 2015, little Bence was born. He was taken to a hospital in a city called Székesfehérvár, which is in Hungary. When the baby boy came home, his parents couldn’t say a word, and the doctors didn’t know what to think.

When he was born, this cute little bundle of joy not only had a full head of hair, but the hair on his head was pure white.

As soon as the baby was brought into the room where the birth took place, people started to laugh. No one at the hospital could remember ever seeing a baby with such white hair.

As his parents’ third child, they wondered what could be wrong with this real-life Benjamin Button while doctors ran a series of tests to find out what was wrong.

But Baby Bence was healthy and weighed 12 pounds when he was born. There was no sign that he was in pain when he was just a little chilled bundle of joy.

The parents were very happy when their healthy and happy baby was born, but doctors had to rule out a number of possible causes. One of the reasons was albinism, a genetic disorder that makes the skin, hair, or eyes have little or no color. His parents were very happy when he was born, but doctors ruled out that he was albino.

Stress or anxiety in the mother while pregnant was another possible cause, but this was also ruled out. Stress or worry from the father was another possible reason.

“According to doctors, white hair in babies is in fact usually associated with genetics. Often, it can be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or even mutant hair cells,” reports.

But no matter why he has these strange colors, Baby Bence is winning the hearts of people on the internet and the medical staff at the hospital, who call this cute child “Prince Charming.”

Even though the father, Tamás, had blonde hair until he was three years old, he told a local newspaper that neither he nor his wife had white hair.

But he wasn’t even close to as bright as Bence, whose eyes were so bright that you couldn’t see his eyebrows or eyelashes. He wasn’t even close to as smart as Bence.

See more of this cute little boy in the video below.