Babies are always cute and pure in our eyes and we all want cute babies. However, it is interesting to note that not all children are born with attractive appearance. Some wonder why look like adults.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with these babies and they are healthy. They look a bit older than they actually are. Changes in appearance after a few months are also temporary. So here we want to share 22 funny photos of “babies” that will have you smiling. No matter how unhappy they are, they are still very cute kids. You certainly can’t lose their kindness.


1. “I just lost everything.”


2. He seems like some cartoon character.


3. Li’l ole man.


4. “Can you please put me back?”


5. 5 weeks and grumpy already.


6. She seems like a forever-judging aunt.


7. Nice hair though.


8. “I’m so sick of everything!”


9. This baby is already regretting his life decisions.


10. His forehead wrinkles though.


11. This li’l one is very judgy.


12. Is that Danny Devito?


13. “Say what?”


14. This baby is just super cute.


15. He’s ready to pour you a pint.


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16. This baby has been through a lot.


17. Absolute cuteness.


18. This little one seems to have been through a lot of wars.


19. This baby feels judged.


20. “What did you say?!”


21. It’s tough work to be born.


22. Two weeks or Fifty years?