Avengers vs Justice League

The team of Avengers has finally defeated their biggest enemy the mad titan Thanos in the movie Endgame. We actually got to see the real power levels of Captain America and the Scarlet Witch. Does it make everyone wonder are they powerful enough to beat the Justice League team? While most of the Avengers are regular humans, Justice League has literal gods in their team. Let us try to see how would the Avengers vs Justice League fight will go.

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Depends on the Team

Avengers vs Justice League

In all seriousness, it depends on which superheroes are present in the team of Avengers and Justice League. While the Avengers (2012) had only 6 superheroes who could be all defeated by Superman alone, Endgame featured almost all the Avengers in their powerful form. The same goes for Justice League, which was having trouble fighting Steppenwolf.

With addition such as Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel, Avengers team look solid enough to give a tough fight to the Justice League. But if Justice League has Martian Manhunter, Shazam, and The Atom on their side, the fight would be over in a few seconds. Let us assume we have all the superheroes and then see how the Avengers vs Justice League fight takes place.

The Kryptonite Factor

Avengers vs Justice League

One of the most important factor to decide who would win between Avengers vs Justice League battle is the condition of Superman. Justice League can defeat anyone if Superman is its powerful form, he is fast, can fly, shoot lasers, breath ice, can see and hear everything.

If the Avengers team can neutralize Superman, then only the fight with Justice League won’t be one-sided. Superman’s only weakness is Kryptonite stone, and if Tony Stark figures that out and use it on Clark Kent, there will be a fair fight.

Who is leading the team?

Avengers vs Justice League

The last factor to decide the winner of Avengers vs Justice League is the team leader of the group. Normally, Avengers is lead by Captain America or Iron Man, while Batman is the leader of Justice League. Both are great tacticians and make great battle plans, and almost never give up.

The fight between Avengers and Justice League will keep going on until Batman or Captain America finds a solution. But again it is impossible to decide as both exist in a different universe. Avengers vs Justice League is very rare to happen and the winner might depend on who is writing the story.