Avengers Endgame trailer: Time travel confirmed?

Another Avengers Endgame trailer was released yesterday and it took the internet by storm. And the trailer may prove that Iron Man and Ant-Man will do some time traveling.

What did the new Avengers Endgame trailer show?

The brand new Avengers Endgame trailer also arrived with the sale of tickets online. This was the fourth trailer for the upcoming movie and it gives us some interesting insights. We see a lot of scenes where the team is gearing up to go into outer space in the Benatar. But, we don’t know where they are going.

According to a description of the scene, Nebula had already told the team of survivors about Thanos’ location. So, we can safely assume that they have set on the mission of find him. Also, in the last scene of the trailer, we see Thanos confronting the Avengers.

Hints from the previous trailer and photos

Last year, a few photos from the Avengers Endgame set had been released. They showed Captain America in the battle of New York wearing his Avengers Assemble costume. The photo also showed him alongside an older Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk and Ant-Man.

In the first Avengers Endgame trailer, Ant-Man shows up with the Quantum Realm Tech at the headquarters. So, from all this, we can predict two possibilities. The Avengers have a mission to destroy Thanos before he uses the Time Stone. And Thanos is probably somewhere in the past where he is exploiting the Infinity Stones.

But, this still does not explain as to why both the teams are wearing Quantum Realm costumes in the new Avengers Endgame trailer.  For all we know, there might be some altered scenes added to the trailer; just to avoid spoilers.

Avengers Endgame will release in the UK on 25 April 2019.