Avengers Endgame spoiler free review

Avengers Endgame is creating waves with its popularity all over the world now. Why shouldn’t it? After all, Marvel’s legacy is coming to an end. And Avengers Endgame is supposed to stand as a big send off to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Marvel has tried to maintain the story line, interconnected plots and yet independent stories for its superhero movies.


This is going to be a spoiler-free review of the movie. This post is just going to discuss some of the general plot lines and points of the movie; no details.

Avengers Endgame Spoiler free review

What happens after Infinity War?

But, Avengers Endgame is all set to break our emotional gates. Probably because some of the characters are expected to be killed off. Infinity War had already tugged at our heartstrings and left us with a hundred questions at the end. And now, it’s time to find out all our answers.

Avengers Endgame feels more like a quest now. The survivors are going to navigate around in order to squeeze that tiny possibility to find their friends. The tone of the movie is quite serious. It is quite obvious that they are desperate and angry. Since there are a lot of characters, the focus shifts from time to time and everyone is chasing their own goals. So, there are a handful of equally significant things happening simultaneously. But, there is no cohesiveness.

Avengers Endgame Plot

The plot lines and characters

And all of this makes Avengers Endgame a mess. The run time of the movie is 181 minutes and it has to deal with a lot of things. On top of that, we have completely different characters. And they have a completely different agenda in mind and have been reduced to an emotional entity.

And the makers have deliberately played with the existing arcs of the superheroes and made them more elaborate. They show Captain America’s pain of losing out on everything when he was frozen in time. Also, we see Thor’s deepest insecurities and Tony Stark’s getting caught between his sense of responsibility and arrogant nature.

Avengers Endgame spoiler free review

What was the purpose of Avengers Endgame?

Nevertheless, Avengers Endgame serves its purpose. To relieve the audiences the pain that they went through after Infinity War. It takes the audience through that pain into a much more exciting and hopeful future. There are a few moments of huge shocks and moments worthy of cheer as well. As even you might have expected, the entire movie is full off callbacks, past references and reminders. So, it feels like the last night that friends spend together on their last day of college reminiscing their good old days.

So, the initial idea of Avengers Endgame was never to be a standalone Marvel movie. It was supposed to be built on the expense of the previous ones. And it has triumphed in its purpose.