The recent James Cameron movie, Avatar: The Way of Water, has performed better than most critics had anticipated. As a matter of fact, it has ended up becoming one of the most successful movies of all time.

Avatar: The Way of Water is a certified hit

Avatar: The Way of Water had been doing well in theatres. The first movie, Avatar 1, became the highest-grossing film of all time when it made 2.92 billion dollars in box-office collection. Part 2 of the series, Avatar: The Way of Water, has grossed $1.9526 billion since its release on December 16. It was heading into its sixth weekend. The James Cameron movie is said to stay in theatres till February 2023.

That being said, Avatar: The Way of Water is still not at the same pace as the first movie. It is not making the same as Cameron’s other top movie Titanic. As discussed before by Hiptoro, the film has to make more than $2.9 billion for the 3rd part to be made. Although the movie’s cost was not revealed to the audiences, the director said it cost a lot to make the movie.

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Avatar: The Way of Water significantly tops the top 10 non-Cameron films. Avatar opened at $785.2 million domestically, a multiple of $77 million from $10.19 million domestically, but only 30% of its revenue is domestic and worldwide, worth $290 million. With a $28.6 million opening for Titanic and a  23.02 multiplier, the movie earned $659.4 million. That’s only 30% of the global total, which adds to $2.2 billion. However, considering these movies came out at different times, the same multipliers cannot be used.

Avatar way of the water
Avatar: The Way of Water

Boxoffice prediction for the movie 

If the movie is meant to run only for another four weeks, the collections may not reach the same as Avatar 1. The film is set to release on Disney plus soon. This may lessen the number of theatergoers.

To get exact numbers, it would be better to compare the movie with any current year release. Top-Gun Maverick would be a good movie to compare to Avatar: The Way of Water. Top Gun Maverick has a multiplier of 5.67. Avatar: The way of water is released in China. The top gun did not. This can put the Avatar sequel in a better position than Top Gun. If we calculate, the movie will make  $760.3 million domestically. The film can make $2.5 million globally if such is the case. The movie would make it to the top 3 movies of all time.

Avatar was planned to have five movies ahead of the first one. The second part took 13 years, and people hope the subsequent few sequences will come out sooner. Watch the way of the water trailer below.

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