Consider it a favor when someone offers to babysit for you without charging you money.

However, there are some parents who do not view it as a favor; rather, they consider it to be the responsibility of the other person. A woman who is 24 years old revealed on Reddit that she provides free babysitting services to her sister and her brother-in-law. They call their daughter “Ava,” who is 1 years old, “Ava.” They asked OP three weeks in advance if she would be available for babysitting and she said “yes,” but then her plans changed. It was the anniversary of OP’s sister, and they asked OP if she would be available for babysitting.

She told them five days before their anniversary that she won’t be able to babysit for them because she has other plans and that they should find another arrangement because she won’t be available to do so. Because her sister didn’t respond, OP assumed that everything would be fine for her, but on the day that she needed to leave the house, her sister came and dropped Ava off without listening to OP’s instructions. After getting in the car, she quickly drove off. OP attempted to give her a call but her phone was turned off. The only other choice for OP was to entrust Ava to the care of an unknown person. This was the point at which the drama in the family began. You’ll find it if you scroll down.

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OP is the aunt of her niece Ava, who is 1 year old. OP occasionally provides unpaid babysitting services to her sister.


She was asked by OP’s sister and BIL three weeks in advance if she could babysit for them, and she responded positively to their request. The plans of OP were scrapped at the eleventh hour.


The original poster informed her sister five days in advance that she will not be available to babysit on Friday and that her sister should make other arrangements.


On Friday, OP’s sister dropped Ava off at OP’s house and told her that she needed to live up to her responsibilities as an aunt. OP’s sister has left and turned off her phone before leaving.


OP decided to take advantage of a friend’s babysitting skills and leave Ava at her house. OP went out to meet her friends.


The OP has sent a text message to her sister. After two hours, her sister began sending unwanted text messages to her phone, but the OP had already turned off her device.


Sister and brother-in-law picked Ava up later, but they are furious with OP for leaving Ava with a stranger in the meantime.


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OP is interested in finding out if she is TAH.


OP allowed her sister a sufficient amount of time to make other arrangements; however, it appears that her sister never intended to make other arrangements. OP’s sister was actively formulating a plan in her head at the time. The OP’s sister is now a parent, and as such, she ought to immediately begin to assume full responsibility for her daughter.


Even though OP’s sister had plenty of time to find an adjustment, she chose instead to abandon her daughter at her home and flee.


The OP has not yet responded to any of the other members of the family. If Jade hadn’t been available on that particular day, OP had considered making a call to the authorities.


If OP’s sister engages in behavior of this nature once more, the OP will report it to the authorities.


OP has informed her sister that she will conform to the time more closely in the near future in the event that she will be available.


OP provided the phone number and address of her sister Jade. Additionally, OP provided Jade with her sister’s contact information.


The OP’s sister needs to grow up and start shouldering the responsibilities that come with being a parent.


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When someone does you a favor, they are not obligated to prioritize your plans in the same way that they would prioritize their own.


The OP’s sister coerced her into watching her one-year-old child, then fled the scene.


Phones belonging to responsible parents are never turned off.


In this predicament, what do you believe the TAH to be? What actions would you have taken if you had been in OP’s position? Leave a comment with your thoughts in the section provided down below!


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