Attack on Titan season 4 is set to return with its second special episode, marking the conclusion of Eren’s story. The first special episode aired in March, and fans can expect the long-awaited return of the series this Fall with the airing of Special 2.

Attack on Titan season 4: What is the return date for?

The release date for Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 2 has been scheduled for Fall 2023, which marks the end of the series. There is no other information available about the release of the Final Chapters.

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Attack on Titan season 4: A film adaptation or a continuation of the anime series?

The Final Chapters of Attack on Titan season 4 have been divided into two extended parts, but they are not a movie. The first part, called Special 1, aired in March and lasted for an hour. The second Special is anticipated to be of a similar length or possibly even longer.

Attack on Titan season 4: How many episodes are there?

Attack on Titan is down to its last episode because the anime is catching up with the manga, which is its source material. The first part of the Final Season adapted chapters 91-116, while the second part covered chapters 117-130. Final Chapters Special 1 adapted chapters 131-134. There are only five manga chapters left to adapt, so it is speculated that Attack on Titan season 4, Final Chapters, Special 2 might be over an hour long to allow for ample time to wrap up the story.

Attack on Titan season 4: Trailer

Attack on Titan season 4
Attack on Titan season 4

The preview that was shown prior to the release of Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 1 is brief and simple, giving viewers a sneak peek into Eren’s origins, his evolution into a monstrous Titan, and the catastrophic Rumbling. The trailer briefly hints at the possibility of a happy ending, but by this point, it may be too late for Eren to turn back. Additionally, there is a poster featuring the show’s protagonists, including Eren and Mikasa, trailing in Eren’s footsteps as he puts his plan into action.

An additional preview trailer was released in March, which showcased more of Final Chapters Special 1. Furthermore, there was a brief teaser, with no actual footage, circulating after the release of Special 1, confirming the show’s return in the fall.

Attack on Titan season 4: Recap of Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 1 and what to expect from Special 2

Rest assured, we won’t be delving into any manga spoiler territory. To understand the current situation in Attack on Titan Final Chapters, let’s take a step back and review how we got here.

The prolonged conflict between Paradis Island and Marley is nearing its conclusion. The critical question surrounding the Final Chapters is which side will emerge victorious.

Eren has launched the Rumbling, a world-ending maneuver that utilizes the Titans encased in Paradis’ walls as his own personal army. Eren intends to eradicate everyone outside of Paradis so that his friends can live free lives without the cycle of revenge inevitably returning to the ‘devils’ of his homeland.

The Rumbling
The Rumbling

The coalition of forces between Paradis and Marley stands in Eren’s way. They include Mikasa, Eren’s ‘sister,’ his one-time comrades in the Survey Corps, and the remaining notable forces of Marley.

Special 1, however, determined the fates of some significant players. Floch, who survived his fall in Attack on Titan The Final Season’s second part, sabotaged the coalition’s plane scheduled to fly to Eren. He perished, as did Hange, making the final sacrifice to provide the group enough time to flee from the impending Rumbling.

Attack on Titan season 4
Attack on Titan season 4

While en route to Fort Salta, one of humanity’s last entrenched groups, the group is abruptly pulled into the Paths, where Eren’s disembodied voice declares that talking is not an option, and he is granting them free will to determine their next steps.

Meanwhile, Falco and Gabi, who fled with Annie on a ship, reveal that Falco’s dreams, induced by Zeke’s spinal fluid, enable him to see a vision in which he is flying. Could this be something that shifts the balance in the war?

Falco and Gabi
Falco and Gabi

Eventually, the group flies over Fort Salta and attacks Eren and what seems to be Zeke’s Beast Titan. As the special concludes, Armin asks Eren whether he is free.

So, what’s next? Expect Eren to engage in a final showdown with Mikasa and the rest of the coalition over the planet’s fate. The question of whether she can convince him to abandon his warpath could be crucial. However, communication appears to be off the table at this point. Don’t dismiss several wildcards: Zeke, Falco, and Annie may all have a significant say in how the Rumbling concludes and what Eren’s fate could be.