Attack on Titan chapter 118 release date spoiler

It looks like chapter 118 of Attack on Titan is inching closer too quickly and it’s going to be one heck of a segment. Based on the leaked panels, so far, it looks like the last battle has already begun and Titans’ madness will be engulfing everyone. To this point, is there anyone who even deserves to win? Is there anyone at right?

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Warning: This article may contain’ Attack on Titan’ Chapter 118 spoilers.

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 118: Spoilers

'Attack on Titan’ Chapter 118

Chapter 118 of Attack on Titan has all fans really excited because of all the big battles that are going to take place. This is probably why the confirmation of the release date is brilliant news. As noted by, fans are really looking forward to seeing Zeke getting in with his powers. Eren needed those since he has for far held his ground pretty well.

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 118: Final Battle Is Coming!

'Attack on Titan’ Chapter 118- Final Battle Is Coming!

Considering how Cart Titan continued to remove Eren’s mobility, he kept taking on the three of them while dominating them all. If the fight would go on like it has until now, the Assault Titan inheritor will come our victorious. The victory is guaranteed in chapter 118.

However, fans may not expect things to happen all too quickly, and nothing would be complete without the manga throwing a sudden twist. So, fans may get to see the anti-Eren thing coming to the part who may make a move to remove Eren’s faction from all the power. Chapter 118 may give fans an invasion along with a civil war at the same time.

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 118: Release Date

This makes chapter 118 of Attack on Titan more exciting than we had thought and why would any fan wish to get their hands on the chapter.

Attack on Titan chapter 118 comes out on June 8.