Attack on Titan chapter 118 is speculated to be incredible as forces led by Marley and Yeagerists shall collide in a destructive way. Moreover, the battle between the Titans will take on the area around it, as Beast Titan is also expected to join everyone too.

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 118 Plot

Attack on Titan Chapter 188 Plot

The last chapter of Attack on Titan featured the fighting capabilities of Eren fighting again as he defeated Reiner although all odds are against him. Cart Titan lit Eren twice which ultimately led to his demise. Attack on Titan chapter 118 will feature Zeke prioritizing Pieck as the unit of glass cannon is like the greatest threat for them.

The Cart Titan designer for evasion and mobility will make sure its a task although he can be killed by Pieck easily with just a single devastating shot, followed by one last blow. Chapter 118 of Attack on Titan will see the forces of Yelena getting mobilised as they will provide as much assistance as they can.

Attack on Titan Chapter 118 Spoilers

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Based on the Attack on Titan chapter 118 spoilers so far, Armin and other soldiers who got captured are expected to get free from the incarceration. Onyakopon will be the one helping him here as Armin will join the battle at the crucial time of the conflict, especially at the time when he has wielded Colossal Titan. This is why the next Attack on Titan chapter may see Armin unleashing Colossal Titan.

In order to achieve this, Zeke will need to hurt him towards the blimps of Marley before any havoc is seen or caused. Attack on Titan chapter 118 will probably see the return of the Colossal Titan as everything has turned into a War right now. With everyone going for one another, one shouldn’t be surprised that fans are really anticipating the upcoming chapter.

Attack on Titan Chapter 118 Release Date

Attack on Titan chapter 118 release won’t happen until 8th or 9th June.