Chapter 117 of Attack on Titan is almost here and like all chapters since the past few months, we expect this to be good enough with some story development and intriguing plot lines. We all have loved this current arc and the last chapter sets up the future nicely.

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The spoilers for the next Attack on Titan chapter are already here and a lot of action is ongoing at the moment. After this, we shall discuss the spoilers for chapter 117 of Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan Chapter 117- Release Date

Before we discuss, we’d like to tell all readers that this post has some minor/major spoilers regarding Attack on Titan. If you don’t like getting spoiled, we plead you to stop reading right now. However, we may get started if you’re someone who’s unaffected by spoilers. More importantly, we didn’t leak any spoilers. They can be found all over the web.

Attack on Titan Chapter 117 Spoilers

Attack on Titan Chapter 117- Spoilers

Now let’s discuss chapter 117 of Attack on Titan. Here are some key points which may happen in the following chapter. Porko will be asked by Pieck for chopping off her hand. Porko retreats and Gabi climbs into the Titan mouth of Pieck in order to stay safe. She’s then taken to the Magath.

We see Reiner jumping and titanising midair, sustaining some facial damage during the battle later. Eren is attacked by Porko whose War Hammer Defence is chopped off. However, Eren takes hold of him by using the powers, taking a head-shot at each Pieck and Magath. Porko is then slapped to ground by Eren, who doesn’t waste time in ripping the jaw of the Armoured Titan apart. The battle continues.

Attack on Titan Chapter 117: Release Date

Chapter 117 of Attack on Titan leaks and spoilers are out.

Attack on Titan Chapter 117: Raw scans Release Date

Fans may expect the raw scans to come out by today.