‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 117 release date and spoilers: Eren uses the War Hammer

We’re not surprised about all the excitement around chapter 117 of Attack on Titan. The series left fans on a cliffhanger with Eren getting caught by surprise by the Marleyan army. However, the prime protagonist has more options in his arsenal including the lethal War Hammer.

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‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 117: Overview

'Attack on Titan' Chapter 117- Overview

We understand why various fans are so excited to see the War Hammer being used by Eren as it’s one of the most intriguing of all Nine Titans. The main ability of War Hammer is to craft and produce structures from Titan flesh that’s hardened. This makes endless possibilities for using the War Hammer as we can see Eren making a huge weapon to knock his opponent out in Attack on Titan chapter 117.

Obviously, Porco Galliard will first go against Eren. Galliard is already in his form of Jaw Titan before the end of chapter 116. Eren’s legs got severely bitten by Porco but Eren avoided getting completely eaten by him. This means that Eren will now have to think pretty quickly in chapter 117 of Attack on Titan.

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 117 Spoilers

'Attack on Titan' Chapter 117- Spoilers

According to the leaked spoilers/predictions, they are swamped by a huge amount of Marleyan soldiers along with air support while Jaw Titan of Porco got activated. So now, if Eren activated his War Hammer, it will be his best shot. If he can quickly do things and get himself weapons, he will make a lot of damage to Porco while also taking on many soldiers in Attack on Titan chapter 117. As stated, there are many possibilities that may happen if Eren uses the War Hammer. However, the report hints that the swords will be the best option.

This is a possible storyline in Attack on Titan chapter 117. With a number of inheritors and a tensed battle on the horizon, fans may get to see a number of Titans on the show soon. Reiner will be a Marleyan who will potentially attack Eren in chapter 117 of Attack on Titan.

‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 117 Release Date

The chapter is slated for a May 9 release date. RAW scans and official spoilers should come out a couple of days before that.