Attack on Titan Chapter 116 spoilers and plot

The last chapter of Isayama’s manga, Attack on Titan saw absurd things happening which involved a small girl and Zeke, which all of us assumes as the Ymir, who’s the first Titan ever.

We know Zeke is still alive and while we don’t know about Levi, many people are speculating the escape of Hange as she knew about Levi being still alive.

In the spoilers of chapter 116 of Attack on Titan, the Eldians may be under an attack by the forces of Marley.

Attack On Titan Chapter 116 Plot

Attack On Titan Chapter 116- Plot

Chapter 116 of Attack on Titan may also find Yelena killing a person in front of detainees and Onyakopon. All her people were absolutely shocked to witness her killing one of her own soldiers.

Post that, we see Yelena bowing down and saying that she’s apologetic for his own rudeness. We don’t know any more details about this scene yet.

Attack On Titan Chapter 116 Spoilers

Attack On Titan Chapter 116- Spoilers

Meanwhile, over the other side, Pieck and Eren are talking to each other. Gabi gets ordered by Pieck to gun down Eren, which did do, although a bit reluctantly.

Eren has been threatening to transforming into a Titan but he’s told by Pieck that if he did that, her comrades may get to know about his location. Warhammer Titan shall be used instead of the Attack Titan by Eren.

“You aren’t allowed to kill the founding member of Titan. The order is just to capture him. Even here, one can’t afford to change into Titan and eat me up, alive, right?”, says Eren in the chapter.

After he does transform, Reiner and Porco appear, as Piech took Gabi out of that place.

The last scene of Attack on Titan shows Eren, who’s angry alongside Reiner who looks determined while both stare at each other.

While both Reiner and Eren stare at each other, the text says,

“You got to be the victim of the Liberio. I shall put you to an end.”

And with this, the whole chapter 116 of Attack on Titan got over. Sadly, we don’t get to see Annie, Levi, and Hange in this.