Attack on Titan Chapter 116- Predictions, Spoilers and Release Date

Today’s article will feature Attack on Titan Chapter 116. The chapter we saw earlier was a tough pill to swallow as it saw the deaths of many beloved characters. So, before we begin with this, we want to notify you all that this post may contain a few spoilers from earlier arcs and storylines of the manga.

So in case, you’re avoiding any Attack on Titans Chapter 116 spoilers (we understand why), we’d ask you to go no further with this article. However in case, the spoilers don’t really bother you much, we can get started.

Attack on Titan Chapter 116: Spoilers and predictions

Attack on Titan Chapter 116- Predictions

The death of Levi Ackerman is something that shocked us all. So you must be aware that Levi is among the most significant characters in Attack on Titan, as he had been there since the very beginning. However, this doesn’t at all mean that he wasn’t killed by Isayama but the thing that Levi was a really strong warrior and probably the last hope of humanity. He was earlier seen as unkillable but then he isn’t among us anymore.

Attack on Titan Chapter 116- Spoilers

The worst thing is Zeke being still alive. While he was left in an almost dead state, thanks to Levi, but well, he seems to be alive somehow and kicking ass.

We’ve seen Ymir feeling the same that Zeke felt, and yes we are talking about the Paths. Zeke has been rejuvenated and if he’s the same guy he was or if he has changed is yet to be seen in Attack on Titan. But meanwhile, even Levi’s death doesn’t seem certain in Attack on Titan. When Folke wished to confirm Levi’s death, Hange didn’t want Folke to see if Levi is alive or not.

This could mean that Hange might be hiding something about Levi. We have a feeling that it’s possible he’s still alive. He may be dead, but according to us, he will survive somehow as that’s how we see the character of Levi in Attack on Titan. We will figure out more about the Paths in the next Attack on Titan Chapter 116, and maybe we could see Eren meeting up with his half brother too.

Attack on Titan Chapter 116: Release Date

Chapter 116 Attack on Titan will be out on 9th April, 2019.

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