The manga Attack on Titan went on for more than a decade before concluding. There is no doubt that the manga is a masterpiece created by Hajime Isayama. Fans of the manga have been ever so grateful to the creator of Attack on Titan.

The concluding arc of the manga was the darkest one of the manga’s entire journey. There were several unexpected deaths, and the entire community was shaken to the core. Fans were not expecting that this would happen in the end. But the final plot of the manga was definitely satisfactory. Major spoilers from Attack of Titan conclusion coming up!

How does Attack on Titan conclude?

Attack on Titan
There were several unexpected deaths and the entire community was shook to the core.

The finale of the popular manga was full of surprises and was quite unexpected. Fans were left shocked and it took them some days to finally accept what happened.

In the finale of the manga, we see that rumbling is activated by Eren. Only the founding Titan can activate rumbling. This would end up unleashing around 600,000 colossal titans that won’t stop at any cost.

Using the rumbling, Eren wipes out around eighty percent of the population. He wanted to wipe out the entire population. That’s how he ends up becoming the biggest villain. However, this was no ordinary move. This helped to depict the Alliance as heroes. Marley subsequently stopped waging war and joined the Allied Nations.

Mikasa finally takes down Eren at the end by slicing his head off and kissing him goodbye. Armin and Mikasa together mourned their close friend’s death and buried him under the tree where Eren used to take naps as kids.

Spoilers and Unexpected Deaths in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
In the finale of the manga, we see that rumbling is activated by Eren.

The manga’s end will be full of lots of twists and unexpected deaths. It is going to be super emotional for fans to say goodbye to their favorite manga and characters all at once.