Attack on Titan season 3 season 4 release date ending episode

Attack on Titan has been one of the best manga created into an anime series. Created by Hajime Isayama, the TV series is currently in the third season, and is about to end soon. It is common knowledge that both the show and the manga comics are in their final stage of the story, and will end soon.

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But it raises an important question, will Attack on Titan end with season 3 or there be a season 4? Attack on Titan season 3 last episode will decide that here are all the new details on it

When will AoT Season 3 End?

Attack on Titan season 3 last episode It was confirmed by the makers that Attack on Titans will have a total of 22 episodes. While the show went on to hiatus at the start of this year, fans felt relief when it was resumed in April. The show also changed the networks from NHK General TV to Adult swim after the hiatus.

The latest episode of Attack on Titan season 3 was Episode 19 which aired on June 10. The next episode will air on June 17 which will be the 20th episode. It puts the last episode of season 3 around June 30, at the end of this month.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Dates

Attack on Titan season 4

Attack on Titan season 4 could be the last season of the show, and the series will probably end with it. The makers have already confirmed that they are planning for a season 4 and it will be bigger than before. Given there are so many plot points yet to explain, and the Titans motives and origins are yet unclear, it might take extra Episodes.

The earliest season 4 of Attack on Titan could premier is in the next year 2020. Most of the reports state that season 4 will release around April 2020.