Attack on Titan Chapter 115- Plot, Spoilers, Levi and Zeke’s Fate And Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 115 comes in a few days from now. In today’s article, we will be discussing the latest chapter of Attack on Titan. Before we start, we’d like to tell you that this article contains a few spoilers from the last chapter too. So, in case you don’t need any spoilers, I suggest that you simply halt the article right here. But if you’re okay with the spoilers, let’s get started.

Attack on Titan Chapter 115: Plot

Attack on Titan Chapter 115- Plot

Chapter 114 of Attack on Titan revealed a massive lot about Zeke’s past and Zeke himself. Finally, we came to know where the true loyalties of Zeke lay. We also came to know exactly what took place between Zeke’s parents and Zeke, and if he actually betrayed them, or if he wanted to just spare himself. It turns out, however, not just did he attempt to spare himself, but his grandparents too who were all going to get all caught up in the whole mess. The goals of Zeke are kinda like the messed up variant of Doctor he was acquainted with in Attack On Titan.

As we inch to the chapter’s end in Attack of Titan, Zeke managed to pull off the trigger that was on the bomb, which was placed around his gut before blowing himself up. By doing this, he also inflicted a very serious injury to Levi Ackerman, who was flying the cart that they were all travelling in.

Attack on Titan Chapter 115: Spoilers

Attack on Titan Chapter 115- Spoilers

It looks like Levi lost a leg, while the body of Zeke got completely destroyed. So, the question remains: who died and who lived in Chapter 114 of Attack on Titan? It’s highly unclear at the moment, but we believe that Levi will end up surviving the encounter. He may have lost a leg or an arm, but that is the whole extent of Levi’s injury, according to us.

We don’t feel that Zeke will last for a long time from here. Zeke urgently needs to be fed immediately to someone for them to get the Beast Titan’s power. Since we do not have anyone around at the moment, we might Levi gaining the power himself.

Attack on Titan Chapter 115: Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 115 will release on March 9, 2019.

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