Attack on Titan Chapter 115- Release Date And Spoilers (Is Levi Dead?)

The 114th chapter of Attack On Titan came out this past week and like always, the chapter was splendid and we are waiting for Attack on Titan 115.

Attack on Titan is really enjoyable at the moment, as it reveals more about the past of Zeke. There was some stuff that confused many readers about Zeke. Readers didn’t get to know it Zeke did what survival wanted him to do, in case he would’ve gotten along with Marley at the time he was a kid.

Attack on Titan Chapter 115: Preview and Plot

Attack on Titan Chapter 115- Preview and Plot

Chapter 114 of Attack on Titan clears everything. If we talk about Grisha along with his wife, they both were being extremely naive. Almost everyone had an idea of their intentions. So, we can say Zeke did exactly something he felt was apt at that moment. He was also advised by the Doctor upon what he should do, and he did exactly that without having any thought. Moreover presently, we did see Zeke and Levi going even. As we all are aware, Zeke had a bomb tied against his neck.

He was warned by Levi that if he moves, he might end up blowing himself. However, he was aware of the fact that he will never do it. He sat beside him and didn’t hesitate before chopping off his limbs at every given opportunity.

Attack on Titan 115: Is Levi Ackerman Dead?

Attack on Titan Chapter 115- Preview and Plot

(Trailor Grabs)
AOT trailer gives us first look at Levi-centric story and
reveals air date

But that ultimately turned out to be a huge mistake. It all ended up in Zeke blowing himself up along with Levi, thinking he’d be doing mercy to himself. This comes as extremely shocking and let’s skip to Attack on Titan Chapter 115. Levi is brutally injured, with many even claiming that he’s dead.

But we don’t feel Levi is dead in Attack on Titan. He might be brutally injured or may have even lost a limb. This may effect him severely in the coming days in Attack on Titan, but presently, he has to find ways to survive. Levi is still way too far from where he should be.

We hope that we aren’t miscalculating and Levi is alive. It is possible that he dies here. He may even end up eating Zeke and gain all powers of Beast Titan. However, all of this sounds extremely weird. In case he was approaching Shinganshina, then Armin and Mikasa could’ve thought of something to spare him. But as of now, Levi’s future looks dim.

Attack on Titan 115: RAW & Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 115 releases on March 9, 2019. So you can expect RAW scans for the manga to come a few days before that.

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