Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan season 3 is about to end, with just three episodes remaining. While so much of things happened in this season, it was an emotional rollercoaster for fans. Not only the show’s ups and downs, but also the production and animators leaving the show has saddened the fans.

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The Japanese animation studio, Wit Studio was behind the creation of Attack on Titan from the first episode from a manga. Fans are feeling bad and giving out full support to the animation studio. Here is why producers are changing replacing WIT studio and how the fans have responded to it.

Why is Wit Studios exiting?

Attack on Titan Wit Studios anime

The first rumor for the showrunners changing the animation studio for Attack on Titan started last month. WIT studio executive shared a cryptic tweet where he on the behalf of the studio, wanted to thank the fans of the show for their support.

The show has become very popular and this is the reason the makers are looking for some major animated studio for the last season. Although, the good thing is Attack on Titan season 3 has been completed fully by Wit Studios.

Fan reactions over the change

Fans are saddened over the sudden exit of Wit studios from Attack on Titan. They have started a campaign which could make the producers rethink their decision. Also, most of them are worried that season 4 of Attack on Titan will now take much longer due to it. While others are worried over the drop in quality of anime series.