Ashton Kutcher let out a sigh of relief as he crossed the finish line of the 2022 New York City marathon.

The 44-year-old actor ran in the hard race through the streets of New York City with about 50,000 other people.

The Stoner Cats star kept a low profile at the race. He wore a black Nike T-shirt and shorts with the Team Thorn logo and bright pink running shoes.

The 26.2-mile hike was done to raise money for a charity he started to stop the sexual exploitation of children on the internet.

Ashton didn’t win the race, but he did finish in a respectable 3:54:01, and his efforts were successful because friends and fans gave him more than $1 million.

It was the first time the That 70s Show star tried something like this, and he said on the Today show on November 4 that getting in shape wasn’t easy.

During training, he lost 12 pounds and said, ‘I may have started a little bit too early. I think I started, like, six months ago.

‘It’s brutal on the body. Like, I got injured halfway through and now I feel like I recovered from the injury, but I’ve had a lot of help,’ he noted.

An injury on the Ranch star’s chest made the pain even worse.

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‘My nipples were falling off. I’ll be honest about it,’ he confessed.

The amateur athlete said that he also found it boring to spend hours on the treadmill or walking on paths outside.

To deal with this, he started an interview show on Peloton. While working out in his basement, he talked with friends like Natalie Portman, Kim Kardashian, and Kenny Chesney.

Ashton wasn’t the only person in the crowd who was well-known. With a time of 4:20:34, 42-year-old Chelsea Clinton made her mark.

It was the second marathon for the former first daughter. She ran for the charity City Harvest, which gives people who are having trouble feeding themselves leftover food from restaurants, bakeries, and cafes.

At the end of the race, the Gutsy host was met by her mother and Gutsy co-host, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who was all smiles.