One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is true for Oregon-based metal artist Brian Mock. Brian transforms used auto parts and broken silverware into gorgeous works of scrap metal art. He makes life-size sculptures of animals and people by gathering and putting together abandoned objects. His exquisite works of art are all made entirely from recycled materials, including nuts, bolts, screws, metal wires, and other metal scraps.

Mock, a seasoned welder, has elevated the art of recycled work and has been creating sculptures out of recycled metal since 1997. His artistic ability and level of craftsmanship have grown over time. His sculptures made from scrap metal are unquestionably among the greatest of their sort today. The sculptures of animals are among his most impressive creations because of how lifelike they appear.

Scrap Metal Art Sculptures

Mock is set to develop a full zoo of metallic animals, ranging from pets like dogs and cats to wild animals like lions and bears. In order to obtain the subject’s perfect form, he carefully shapes and fits each piece of metal into it. The tails are made of flexible metal chains, while the realistically fluffy ears are made of large sheets of steel. His amazing sculptures made out of scrap metal are all true works of art.

“Giving old, everyday objects a new life as one sculpture is an artistically demanding yet gratifying process. My work is designed to emphasize resourcefulness and encourage viewer engagement. Audience reactions fuel my creativity and help me bring my visions to life.”, Mock wrote on his website.