Ariel Elias was on stage at a comedy club in New Jersey when a Trump supporter yelled at her and asked her to answer the question. “Did you vote for Donald Trump?” Then, another person in the crowd threw a beer at Elias, who picked it up and drank from it without getting upset.

“You can’t handle anything better than that, right?” Jimmy Kimmel said last night on his show, where Elias was set to perform.

After seeing a video of the event go viral, the late-night host asked Elias to make her first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Early in October, Elias sent out a series of tweets about the video. It got more than a million views in a day and now has over 5.6 million. She also said that “the guy” was being charged by Uncle Vinnie’s, the comedy club where this happened. Elias has been asked to perform again.

In a tweet, Kimmel said that Elias did a good job, to which Elias replied, “Can I make my late night debut on your show?”

The answer was “definitely,” and Kimmel did what he said he would do. And then Elias was brought out to cheers from the crowd, and she did a five-minute set just like Kimmel promised. A bad situation turned out to have a great ending.

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