Area 51 raid to be live streamed

It’s for good or bad reasons Area 51 has always been in an area of interest for the broadcasters. From the year 1950’s the suspected army base has always been associated with government’s concealed activities and back projects.

The area is highly protected and whatever takes place inside the boundaries is top secret. The questions being raised are what happens behind those walls?

#Area51 awaits the storm

Area 51 raid to be live streamed

Sceptics believe that Nevada base is a place for experimental weapon manufacturing. Whatever goes down behind is something very exclusive.

The government doesn’t want the information to fall in the hands of enemies of the United States. Whatsoever, a considerable amount of people believe that base is the place where the remains of UFO’s are kept.

Is the base hiding something which can be dangerous? No one knows but a bunch of internet freaks certainly motivated to discover. What’s more exciting that they are using the power of memes and social media to attract people for the cause.

The event is titled as “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”, is an ironic statement Americans use. This is just to overwhelm the guards and breach the wall with the force of numbers.

Area 51 Event to be live-streamed

Area 51 raid to be live streamed

The event page states

“We will have a meet up at the Area 51 and decide our entry if we are able to move coordinating, we can mover faster than the bullets”.

Friday, 20 September 2019, is the doom’s day for invasion you can mark in your calendars. Organizers have officially confirmed for live streaming of the whole event, in a move to gain some conclusive evidence. Everything is being done just to know about the alien’s existence.

The group “Area 51” who are the supporters of the raid recently wrote a post on the group. So now we are all curious to know about the happenings on 9/20 at the storming in #AREA51.

We are going for the live stream of the event. Whatever happens, the military is discouraging the people from partaking in the event.