The demands of 2016 MacBook Pro owners have won the battle- Apple has finally caved in. The owners of this particular MacBook Pro have long since been asking Apple to provide free repair for the 2016 MacBook Pros with backlight issues.

MacBook Pro 2016 affected by Flexgate

This problem is quite infamous, often referred to as Flexgate. Apple, finally acknowledging the problem fully, launched the Backlight Service Program on Tuesday. Under this program, all 2016 MacBook Pros with backlight problems will get free repairs.

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The backlight issue only affects old machines. The problem stems from stress to the flex cable, which eventually causes the backlight to die out. While Apple was reluctant to admit this problem earlier, saying that the issue only affects only “a very small percentage” of users, they have since accepted the full scale of the problem.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 free repair

What you need to know about Apple’s Backlight Service Program

The actual, non-warranty costs of fixing the backlight issues on the MacBook Pro is as high as $700. However, under this program, all these issues will be solved for free. But as usual, there are some conditions first.

The Backlight Service Program covers only for the 13-inch MacBook Pros that were released in 2016. And only devices of this model sold between October 2016 and February 2018 are covered.

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Moreover, the repairs are covered for up to four years after the first sale of the unit. Or, two years from May 21, 2019, whichever between the two is longer. Apple has confirmed that all units with the backlight issue will get a full LCD replacement for free, even if there is accidental damage on the displays. However, devices with any other damage will have to first get that sorted before it can be covered under this program.

As for those who have already paid for the backlight issues on their MacBook Pros, they are entitled to a refund from Apple.

What about the 15-inch MacBook Pros with backlight issues?

While the backlight issue affects the 15-inch model as well as the 13-inch model, the prior is not covered under the Backlight Service Program. Hopefully, they will be added to the program at some point in the future. But at the moment, the hope looks slim.