The Cupertino tech giants next-gen watch is expected to hit the market in September 2019. The marketing campaign for the Apple Watch 5 is hinting towards the possible features of the device.

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Looking at the recent developments at Apple, it is evident that the company is pushing the R&D to pack more and more health-oriented features in the Apple Watch 5.

As we have covered earlier, there are health-related features that are only available on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch 5 Price

However, if the rumors are to be believed, then the most exciting addition is the ability to track the menstrual cycle. Lifehacker reports that this would allow the ladies to track their monthly visits.

This feature is also touted to provide an idea about the time and severity of the cycle. Looking at the function, we assume that it can also be used to monitor the pregnancy window.

Apple’s push better and never seen health tracking features in Watch 5

This isn’t the only idea Apple is fiddling with; the company is working on some more features.

Apple Watch 5

According to reports, Apple is planning to add a glucometer to its Apple Watch 5. This feature would allow users to measure their glucose level in real time. Another rumored feature that could be added to the Apple Watch 5 is the sensor to measure toxicity in sweat.

The Cupertino tech giant has brought a startup that specializes in sleep tracking, and the company has hinted that they are working on an all new and accurate sleep tracking system.

The Apple Watch 5 is also expected to be outfitted with an improved speaker and mic. The mic will also be used for decibel tracking. Apple has hinted that they want to make the Apple watch five work independently without the need for a smartphone.

The Apple Watch 5 is likely to ship around the $499 price mark.