Apple Music vs Spotify is the biggest music rivalry of 2019. Given that competition continues to come from the likes of Google Play Music (and even TikTok in the near future), the top two names are still the same. However, not many people know that the two giants are involved in a bitter legal battle for a long time now.

Apple Music vs Spotify
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Let us take a closer look at this intense rivalry and figure out which of the two music streaming apps is doing better.

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Apple Music vs Spotify: The Legal Battle

Spotify started off in Apple’s App Store back in 2008 where the company was charging $10 for their subscriptions. However, Apple’s policies demanded that 30% of the app-store revenue goes to Apple – hence, Spotify was making only $7. Things went on smoothly until Apple Music launched – where Apple would make the full $10 while Spotify would get only $7 even though both their subscriptions were priced the same.

Apple Music vs Spotify Legal
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Spotify requested Apple to remove the 30% charge to which Apple refused and Spotify ended up increasing its price. After that Spotify stopped paying Apple the 30% charges and Apple removed the in-app purchases feature from Spotify.

Apple Music vs Spotify: A Bitter Rivalry

Given that Spotify no longer had the ‘in-app purchases’ option, users would not be able to purchase subscriptions from the app and were instead redirected to a web-page. This was a considerably long process and drove subscribers away from Spotify.

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Apple Music vs Spotify Rivalry
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Apple Music vs Spotify continues to be an intense rivalry even in 2019. Spotify has now begun to expand to a number of new nations such as India to gain back the edge that they have lost over the years!