Apple iPod Touch 7 review price features

Apple seems to forget everything about the iPod devices which made the brand popular in its initial days. The seventh generation iPod touch, also called an iPod touch 7G or iPod touch 7 or iPod(2019) was released online by Apple on May 28, 2019. It took Apple 4 years to realize that the iPod users also need an upgrade, as the last iPod 6 came out in 2015.

Even though the iPod contains all the major features of Apple iPhone and even runs on the iOS 12.3.1, it is actually useless. For everyone who is thinking to get the Apple iPod 7, it will be a waste of your money. Here is why iPod touch 7 in 2019 will be the dumbest thing to buy.

It is basically a small iPhone

Apple iPod Touch 7 review price

Apple has tried to infuse as many features in the iPod 7 as it can, thinking it will compel people to have one in their pocket. It has a useless 1.2 MP camera, a small 4-inch screen, and display older than the 2019 iPhone 5. At first glance, it looks like one of the older iPhones, with a home button and no touch Id. It is basically the same as the previous iPod 6, only new iOS and A10 chips are revamped.

Although the makers claim for a 40-hour battery life, while playing PUBG, the battery drains rapidly. The only good part is that it comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and Earphones in the box.

High Price, Better Alternative

Apple iPod Touch 7 review price Alternatives

The primary job of the iPod was to be a small, compact and mobile music listening device, which you can attach to your arm and engage in your normal activities. While the iPod 7 is nothing of that sort, it is basically a $199 – $399 2012 iPhone sold as an iPod.

The Sony Walkman, Pioneer XDP, Cowon Plenue, etc are much better alternatives to the iPod touch 7. All of them cost below $50, has better sound quality, battery life and are just an mp3 player.