Apple iPhone SE 2 could be a Foldable iPhone

Apple iPhone SE 2 is not the upcoming mid-range budget smartphone coming in March 2020 as it has been officially named as iPhone 9 as per the new reports. However, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be an iPhone SE 2 in the future, as the Cupertino based tech giant has other plans for the series. As per the leaked patents, Apple is now working on a foldable display iPhone and some of the tech experts believe it could be the new iPhone SE 2.

While it may sound confusing how SE series which comes up with budget iPhone could have a foldable device, the patent leaks make it more clear. Apple is working on the smaller foldable displays like Moto Razr X and it makes sense that iPhone SE 2 could be a foldable iPhone.

Apple has Patenting a Foldable Display iPhone

Apple has Patenting a Foldable Display iPhone

Apple has submitted a patent for a display that overlaps an axis and a case with two flaps supporting the display. There will be a hinge mechanism used which will separate the two flaps when the structure is bent. It will consist of retractable moving flaps that can create room for a bent display portion.

Apple’s new patent focuses on the display not getting any large stress when its folded. The foldable display smartphones could take over the future market with all the competitors coming out with their models and Apple will also join the race but only after it has perfected the technology. Apple seems to be inspired mainly from Motorola’s Razr X and making an iPhone that could fold down and not a tablet to be folded up.

Apple iPhone SE 2 could be Foldable Device

Apple iPhone SE 2 could be Foldable DeviceĀ 

Apple iPhone SE 2 having a foldable display seems possible after the reports that iPhone 9 is the next mid-range budget and there are all chances left open for it. While Apple will put it out in the near future is a different question altogether, iPhone SE 2 has been a part of so many rumors and leaks and hence its under development for sure. It will be a few more months and Apple iPhone SE 2 being a foldable or budget smartphone will be clear.