Apple iPhone 12 Release Date Updates Coronavirus Pandemic to Delay the 2020 Launch Event

Apple iPhone 12 release date could get delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic which is getting worse each day. There are so many leaks regarding the iPhone 12 specs and features, but the biggest question is now related to the launch date. The Cupertino based tech giant is trying hard to ramp up the production of the new iPhone but factories across China and several other countries are now closed.

Most of the tech experts are claiming that Apple might be able to launch iPhone 12 in the fall of 2020 but the shipping of the device won’t start till 2021. Here are more details on the Apple iPhone 12 release date and the possibilities of delay in the 2020 launch event due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Can iPhone 12 Release Date be Delayed to 2021?

Can iPhone 12 Release Date be Delayed to 2021

Apple’s next premium smartphone lineup called iPhone 12 is the next big thing that could get disrupted due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Most of the Apple factories assembling the iPhone and supply chains for the accessories are located in China, which is not functioning properly for the last few months.

The novel coronavirus has hit China very severely and the manufacturing industry has been largely affected. There are reports that the production of the iPhone 12 can be delayed by months. It means Apple will have to postpone the retain launch of the iPhone 12 as late as the year 2021.

Apple iPhone 12 Launch in 2020 Possible with a Catch

Apple iPhone 12 Launch in 2020 Possible with a Catch

Apple iPhone 12 prototype is ready but the Engineers will have to China to finalize mass production which is not possible at this point. Jon Prosser, the popular Apple leaker and analyst is claiming that iPhone 12 production will be delayed but the device can still be launched in fall 2020.

China has imposed a strict travel ban to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and it has made things difficult. Apple could launch iPhone 12 in September 2020 as per their regular annual schedule but the shipping of the products won’t be available till November or December, similar to the iPhone X series in 2017.

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