Apple iPhone 12 will be the first to have 5G in the series and it will make sure to stand out from the competition. While companies like Samsung and Huawei have already launched its 5G network smartphones, Apple will join the race around a year late. But the Cupertino based tech giant has plans to make iPhone 12 an internet speed powerhouse.

There are rumors that Apple iPhone 12 could offer GB/s internet speeds via WiFi and 5G cellular network. As for the iPhone 12 release date, the impact of Coronavirus from China could lead to some kind of delay in the launch.

iPhone 12 Internet Speeds Rumors

iPhone 12 Internet Speeds Rumors

Apple iPhone 12 is reported to offer the highest internet speeds as it will feature the 802.11ay wireless tech. It means that the upcoming iPhone 12 series could offer gigabits per second internet speed along with 5G network connectivity. There are reports that Apple will introduce 802.11ay in the iPhone 12 as Qualcomm has streamlined the wireless tech.

Apple iPhone 12 will boast a 60GHz millimeter wave spectrum which is the baseline for modern 5G era networks. It is also rumored that Apple is planning to develop its own 5G antenna so the company doesn’t have to depend on others and can also customize the size. Every upcoming model after iPhone 12 will have 5G network support by default without any kind of variant.

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iPhone 12 Release Date Delay Due to Coronavirus Possible?

iPhone 12 Release Date Delay Due to Coronavirus Possible

Apple iPhone 12 launch date could be delayed due to COVID-19, aka novel coronavirus in China. Most of the Apple factories are located in China and it could halt production of the upcoming iPhone 12 series.

While many reports are claiming that iPhone 12 won’t have a September 2020 launch event and it will be delayed, the company has not hinted anything of that sort. In fact, Apple is making plans to shift production to countries like India and Taiwan to have a timely release of the iPhone 12.

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