Apple iPad Pro Review and Buy Guide Purchase it Now or Wait for 2020 iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro is right now the best tablet in the market that can also be used as a laptop by attaching the smart keyboard. The Cupertino based tech giant knocked it out of the park with its latest iPad Pro, which is bigger and better than all the regular iPads. It might cost a bit higher than the other tablets but even at the price of $799 plus additional costs of support accessories, iPad Pro is worth the price.

Apple is also rumored to launch a new model currently called as 2020 iPad Pro which will have further upgrades. It is why users are confused about whether they should wait for the new iPad Pro or buy the existing one? Here is the best review of Apple iPad Pro along with a buy guide for 2020 iPad Pro and a brief comparison to choose the perfect tablet.

Apple iPad Pro Review and Specs

Apple iPad Pro Review and Specs

Apple iPad Pro has eliminated the Home button like the new iPhones and favor the Face ID instead. It comes in two sizes, 11-inch and 13-inch where the later is of the size of a magazine, perfect for drawing and watching movies. Most of the iPad Pro reviews are praising the device and if price is not an issue, one must go with it.

The new Apple Pencil which comes at an additional $100 is the best stylus around which can magnetically cling around the iPad and auto-pairs with the device and can also be charged wirelessly. The Smart Keyboard at another $159 can make it a laptop and the new iPadOS software make things much easier. Apple iPad Pro is currently ruling the tablet market and the next model will offer much more.

Apple iPad Buy Guide: Should you Wait for the 2020 iPad Pro?

Apple iPad Buy Guide Should you Wait for the 2020 iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro 2020 is bringing a lot of upgrades including triple-rear back cameras just like the iPhone 11 Pro, A14 Bionic chipset and smart keyboard with trackpad. The display size is also rumored to increase to 13.8-inch with a mini LED screen that will be much brighter and use less battery.

Overall, the next iPad Pro will be similar to the previous one in terms of design, but every feature will be boosted with modern tech. Every Apple user who is looking to upgrade their iPads must go with the new iPad Pro 2020 which would release at the end of March 2020.

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