After a lot of speculations, rumors, and leaks, Apple iOS 13 update has finally arrived and with it came a lot of new wallpapers and features.

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Apple iOS 13 comes with new HD wallpapers

Every time Apple has released a new version of iOS, it came with a pack of slick new wallpapers which gave a feel of a brand new device, and iOS 13 is no different.

So if you are willing to sport these wallpaper on your device, then you can download them without upgrading to the iOS 13.

These wallpapers can be used on any mobile device irrespective of their mobile OS, be it Android or iOS. You should know that these wallpapers are not available for 4k displays.

iOS 13 Wallpapers

Apple iOS 13 ships with eight new wallpapers, each of which is designed specifically for light and dark themes. These wallpapers are closeup shot of a lava lamp bubbles.

The wallpapers are available in orange and white, black and white, green and white, and blue and white. If the theme is set to dark, then the background of these wallpapers will automatically switch to black.

Even though you can download the new iOS 13 wallpaper, you will not get the full experience until you upgrade to the latest iOS 13.

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iOS 13 Animojis

The new iOS 13 packs some highly requested features like dark mode and a redesigned volume panel. It also got new animojis as well as improved security features.

It should be noted that iOS 13 is still in beta and unstable. You can check out iOS 13 Beta by signing up in Apple’s beta program.

It is possible that all these features might not make it to the final release due to feasibility and other reasons. You can get all these features and when the last stable build of iOS 13 is released in fall this year.