Apple iOS 12.3.2 update iPhone

Most of the Apple devices are currently running on iOS 12.3, where the latest update iOS 12.3.1 was launched recently. As per the reports, there is also a mention of Apple rolling out the next in line iOS 12.3.2 version update. But most of the iPhone users are yet to receive this, which has left them in confusion.

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While iOS 12.3.1 update didn’t have any major new features, its role was to fix the bugs. Given how much more bugs it brought and the problems it caused, iPhone users thought iOS 12.3.2 would fix everything. Sadly, most of the users won’t receive the update, and here is the reason.

iPhone 8 Plus Exclusive

iPhone 8 Plus update Apple

Most of the iPhone users have confused the iOS 12.3.2 update version with being a regular universal update. It is not true and nor does most of the Apple users need this update. Apple iOS 12.3.2 update has no new features, neither it is fixing any bugs. The primary use of this update was to fix the camera issue in iPhone 8 Plus.

The main of this update was to fix a single issue faced by the iPhone 8 Plus devices. Recently, the portrait mode of iPhone 8 Plus was capturing photos without the depth effect, which made a lot of Apple users complain to the support. Finally, it was fixed out with a minor one issue specific iOS 12.3.2 update.

iOS 12.4 and iOS 13 update

Apple iOS 13 update iPhone

For those are waiting for iOS 12.3.2 update, there is no need, as you will receive the next versions in line. Apple recently launched iOS 13 at the WWDC 2019 with a lot of cool new features. Similarly, Apple iOS 12.4 update is also available to beta users. iOS 12.3.2 will be probably be skipped, and the iPhone users will receive the new updates instead.

iOS 12.4 beta update will soon turn public, and every iPhone user will be able to install it. While iOS 13 will be released in September to the public by Apple at their annual event.