iOS 12.1.4 Update New Features

Apple rolled out the iOS 12.1.4 update for iPhone and iPad earlier this week. However, it turns out that this update causes more problems than it fixes! Users who updated their iPad and iPhones to the latest version of the iOS are complaining that their phones are not performing as well as they should have been.

iOS 12.1.4 Update New Features
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Let us take a closer look at some of the iOS 12.1.4 updates, as well as some problems that the users are facing. We shall also take a closer look at what the users have to say about these updates as well as what the complain forums are abuzz with. Furthermore, we also take a look at whether iOS 13 is going to be the update which cures these problems.

iOS 12.1.4: What’s New in the Update?

The iOS 12.1.4 update for iPhones and iPads brings in a number of new changes and upgrades to the software. However, it is one of the smaller updates when compared to what we’ve seen in the past. iOS 12.1.4 comes in at just 90 MB for the users of iPhone X. However, those who are on older versions of the OS may get to see a larger file size.

iOS 12.1.4 Update Features
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The update brings in a number of improvements. These include:

  • An improvement in the battery life compared to iOS 12.1.3
  • Better stability in Wi-Fi and improved speeds
  • Improvements in GPS functions

Moreover, a number of users had complained that in iOS 12.1.3, some apps had become a little unstable. These included the likes of Netflix, Twitter and Slack among others. All the apps seem to be working fine now.

iOS 12.1.4 Update Problems

What’s Wrong with iOS 12.1.4 Update?

A number of users have been complaining that they are not happy with the iOS 12.1.4 OS update for their iPhone and iPad devices. Apple has a history of introducing an update for bug fixes – but ending up introducing new bugs along with it. This is something which has been happening for years!

Here are some problems that are being faced by the users of iOS 12.1.4:

  • Exchange not working properly: users are unable to update and sync their mails properly.
  • TouchID Issues have also emerged: users are having a hard time unlocking their iPhone.
  • The face ID experience also feels different – as face ID is taking too long to recognize the users.
  • Some users have also complained that their battery is draining at a much faster speed. This is strange because the update was ideally supposed to help improve the battery life. This is the biggest issue with this update.

What The Users are Saying about iOS 12.1.4 

Social media was abuzz with criticism of this strange iOS 12.1.4 OS update. Here’s what the users had to say about it on Twitter.

iOS 13 to Fix These Problems?

iOS 13 Update
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It is unlikely that an interim update will provide a permanent fix to these problems. However, Apple’s next major update – the iOS 13 is likely to fix. We expect the iOS 13 update to be announced sometime in June during the WWDC 2019. The update is likely to roll out in September 2019 when the new iPhones get announced!