Apple Car, the much-rumored car from Apple might not just be a rumor after all. The Cupertino giant is venturing in all different kinds of the market to pick up the slack of stagnant iPhone sales. Ventures like music streaming and credit services suggest that Apple might be looking to reduce its dependence on iPhones for revenue.

If the rumor is to be believed then Apple is silently working on an autonomous car which could be tearing up the asphalt in 2025.

The secret project titled, Titan has been confirmed by the CEO of Apple Tim Cook.

Apple Car Concept

In a 2017 interview, Tim Cook told Bloomberg that is autonomy holds an exciting future for Apple. Few months after the interview an Apple Car equipped with LIDARs was spotted.

Apple partnered with Volkswagen in May 2018 to produce autonomous shuttles for employees.BBC also reported that Apple has registered 66 driverless cars and 111 drivers to drive those cars.

All these sightings and reports suggest that the launch of autonomous Apple Car is upon us.

Expected Feature of Apple Car

Older reports suggested that Apple is only making the system for the vehicle however German magazine claims that engineers of Project Titan might be working on batteries, electric motors, and interior parts.

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Reports insinuate Project Titan has created a prototype electric van with Apple’s signature paint job.

Apple Car

Patent filings have been highlighting that Apple is working on their own sensor, accelerator chip and AV driving software. It is highly likely that Apple might develop its own neural networks.

The Apple Car is expected to feature a sensor-enabled headlight system that is able to detect and illuminate objects and people from 50 meters. The car will also be equipped with an infrared sensor that will be able to detect the object up to 180 meters.

Apple Car 2023

A patent also hinted towards a sunroof that is going to feature in the car. The roof will use a sliding mechanism.

Pricing and Release Date

According to a report from the Insurance Journal, the Apple Car’s cost can vary between $70,000 to $ 150,000. The car is expected to be launched around 2025.