Apex Legends, the free to play battle royale game by Respawn Entertainment was once touted to be the game which will end Fortnite’s supremacy, but now it seems the expected result is dubious.

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Where did Apex Legends go wrong?

Apex Legends during its initial stages was the go-to game if someone wanted to play a free game, especially a battle royale. But now, the case is different. The game’s popularity has taken a huge hit. The root cause of it, being the lack of updates.
Fortnite vs Apex Legends
Since launch, the EA game has only received a handful of updates, unlike Fortnite which is updated regularly. A bunch of quality content is pumped for the game now and then. This has helped Fortnite to be more prevalent in the market.
Seeing all the hype that Apex Legends was getting when it first came out, Fortnite, ripped out a lot of Apex’s content and slapped the same with a new twist into their own game.

Heres a list of what Fortnite recreate via Apex Legends

Ping System: This element from Apex was appreciated by many, so Fortnite introduced their squad communication mechanics just like Apex.
Just like the second chance system of Apex Legends, Fortnite shortly copied the same thing and changed the name to “summoning” mechanic.
Fortnite also borrowed the Hot Drop zones from Apex Legends.
Even with so much of borrowing from Apex Legends, Fortnite is still invincible. The game, even with all the coping, has maintained the prime spot, unlike Apex, which is falling down quickly.
The EA did introduce battle passes, but they were sort of a failure due to mediocre rewards.
It is saddening to see that the game which had a lot of potential is struggling even to compete.

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