Apex Legends Update Game Fixes

Apex Legends is the hottest battle royale themed game for consoles at the moment! The EA-produced game has gained a significant number of gamers across PS4, XBOX as well as PC!

The game has had a few updates already which introduced a new character as well as a battle pass. A new Apex Legends update is now on its way!

Apex Legends Update New Update
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This Apex Legends update for XBOX and PS4 users is coming out to fix some ongoing problems that the gamers are facing.

Apex Legends Update: Bug Fixes Coming

The latest update to Apex Legends is all set to fix some major bugs in the game which are bothering the console gamers. Here’s a look at all the problems that the gamers are facing which are likely to be resolved with this update:

Apex Legends Update PS4 XBOX
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laggy frame rate 

The frame rate of the game continues to fluctuate for some XBOX and PS4 gamers. However, with this new Apex Legends update, the frame rate will be capped at 300. This is going to fix the problem that most users are facing.

shots not resulting in damages

Another issue that a number of PS4 and XBOX gamers pointed out that sometimes their shots were not resulting in damages! The latest Apex Legends update will fix that as well. Moreover, sometimes footsteps are sound too quiet – this is another bug that will be fixed with the latest Apex Legends update.

Apex Legends update PS4 XBOX Game Fixes
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Apex Legends has also been pretty strict on hackers in the past – banning over 355,000 hackers and cheaters from the game!