Apex Legends skins leaked, still no official price or confirmation from Redspawn

The latest entry in battle royale genre Apex Legends has been in the news for all the right reasons. Apex Legends developers are unable to contain the skin leaks that came into light more than a month ago.

A leak on has been doing rounds on the Twitter-verse since the first week of April. The latest leak suggests that the game might be getting a Titanfall twist in the next update. The twist is that the next update will bring the popular L-Star gun from the TitanFall franchise.

Apex Legends leaked skins already made it to some users

This Apex Legends leak appears to show that many players have been receiving cool weapon skin for the currently unreleased gun from the studio’s Mech shooter franchise Titanfall.

These photos are not screen grab but the images have been captured using the camera. The photos showcase the legendary weapon skin which is clearly labeled in the in-game UI for the L-Star gun.

The L-Star became infamous in the mech shooter Titanfall for having a bottomless magazine which was based on the timing of the weapon cool down and heat up. After the leak of L-Star gun skin, the servers went down for the Apex Legends players.

Apex Legends L-Star Skin

The Apex Legends  -News and Leaks twitter handle reported that Respawn has not clarified about the reason for the down servers.

The Apex Legends  -News and Leaks twitter handle explain that the server went down to hide the L-Star gun skill leak which got release unexpectedly due to some bug.

There is no confirmation from both Redspawn and EA about the leak and whether the skin would be released or not. Redspawn has previously mentioned to not take these data mined leaks seriously.

Considering the silence of Redspawn and rollback of the update it is highly possible that the next update would bring the L-Star gun skin.

Written by Kanishka

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