Apex Legends Season 2 release date

Apex Legends Season 2 was launched to the public at the E3 Expo 2019 this weekend. While there were a few rumors, about EA announcing Apex Legends mobile version, it didn’t happen. Apex Legends game just came out earlier this year and has made a record number of players in just a few months.

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Joining the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends is the latest battle royale game. Season 2 of Apex Legends has a lot of new characters and cool new features. Let’s find out everything that was revealed at E3 2019 and the release date of Apex Legends season 2.

New Legend Wattson

Apex Legends Season 2 whats new There is a new Apex Legends character called Wattson which was revealed at the E3 press conference. It has powerful defensive features, which can be used to trap your enemies and stop them from following you. Wattson has the power to lay down laser barrier traps, which can be used then to force your enemies into the kill zones. The new character is a genius female engineer, who can lay up to 12 nodes to create a powerful laser barrier.

Wattson and her teammates will be immune to the lasers, while the enemies will be ambushed. The most powerful feature of Wattson is its ability called Interception Pylon which stops long-range attacks from mortars and grenades. She absorbs the energy and can use it to further place more barriers, thus making Wattson a powerful defense system.

More features and Release date

Apex Legends Season 2 features

Along with Wattson, there are also a lot of more cool new features added in the 2nd season of Apex Legends. There is also a new gun and a new ranked mode in the new Apex Legends season 2. The L-Star which is originally a Titanfall game weapon is now introduced into Apex Legends. L-Star gun is so powerful that it can shoot even the doors. Hence it’s not found at random places and is only dropped in care packages, that too with limited ammo.

There will also be a lot of new skins, badges and weekly challenges in Apex Legends season 2. As for the release date, season 2 of Apex Legends will be out on July 2 for the general public.