Respawn the developer behind the breakout hit battle royale Apex Legends has released a patch that will fix some major annoyance in the game.

The majority of the patch is filled with the general quality of life enhancements, fixes and some major performance improvements.  The patch will fix the random crashing on Sony PS4 and some Intel PCs.

However, the major change is the fix of some glitches and bugs that are being exploited by the players for many weeks. The players stick to Caustic’s gas traps and Octane jump pads.

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Majority of glitches just introduces an annoyance but some times it can turn into a game-breaking bug. But in Apex Legends the Gilbtar shield glitch is being used by players to have fun.

Interestingly this glitch has come to the notice of Respawn and they are going to fix it in the next update so have fun till you can.

Apex Legends Bug fixes

According to the post by community manager of the game Jay Frechette, the results of this bug are fun to see. But the behaviour is not designed intentionally and it can go out of control in the future.

Apex Legends Patch Fixes

There are several other quality of life and bug fixes that we have listed below:

Apex Legends

  • The volume of all sounds during the character selection menu and screen has been reduced until the drop sequence.
  • The volume of Wraiths knife sounds has also been reduced and if reported widely it will be removed in the upcoming patch.
  • Sounds of footsteps in close ranges have been increased for all Legends.
  • The volume of the footsteps of Pathfinder has been increased in the first person.
  • Details have been added to the audio during training.
  • Bugs related to RE45 tail sound has been fixed.

This Apex Legends patch will be released to all the players next week.