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Apex Legends for Mobile Download is a Hoax! Scammers trying to lure iOS and Android gamers!

Apex Legends for mobile is being awaited by millions of gamers worldwide and it looks like the scammers have also taken a hint of this.

Every game at the height of their popularity has faced scams be it Fornite’s V Coin Mining Scams or Clash of Clans Free Ether and the new prey for these scammers is Apex Legends. Apex Legends became an overnight success gaining more than 20 million concurrent players and 50 million unique players.

With fastpaced playstyle, lots of players have hopped boats and people are anxiously waiting for the mobile version since EA CEO has hinted of a mobile version in making.

Apex Legends for Mobile Scam: Who are these scammers?

Security researchers have pointed out that there are several fake and phishing websites that have popped up lately to scam the iOS and Android gamers.

An ESET researcher, Lucas Stefanko found that fake Apex Legends for Android APK is up for download on YouTube videos with more than 100 thousand link clicks and 600 thousand views.

Apex Legends for mobile

The @PlayApex app spread through YouTube videos claiming that app contains a link to download official Apex Legends APK.

Another cybersecurity company named Phishing AI has tracked more than 39 websites which claim to have (fake) aimbot cheats and Apex coin. One such website even tries to push a malicious flash update. All these YouTube and app links majorly redirect the user to and domains.

These domains play a morphed video of Apex Legends for mobile gameplay. After which users are given the option to select the mobile platform. If users select the android an APK download starts BleepingComputer said.

After installation of the APK, the app prompts the user to complete the offers to get the real Apex Legends App.

What are the risks?

In reality, scammers are using the innocent Apex Legends mobile players to complete the offers which help in creating pageview that helps them to generate money on the adware.

As long as there is huge and upsurging demand for games in the market it will be a lucrative deal for the scammers.

It is up to the iOS and Android gamers and publishing companies to avoid these scams.

Written by Ajay

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