Antonio Banderas is without a doubt one of the most famous and charming actors to come from Spain. Even though he brought a lot of people to his attention over the years, it was the beautiful Nicole Kimpel who won his heart in the end.

The 62-year-old actor says he is happy with his partner and that he is in love. On the other hand, we haven’t had much time to find out about her until now. So far, that has been the case. And we couldn’t be happier that we’ve gotten to know her better because she has a lot of charisma that draws people to her.

Hiptoro is all about finding and sharing amazing love stories, so we’ll tell you how this couple met and started dating.


At first, there was quite a bit of distance between them.

Antonio was born in Malaga, which is in the southern part of Spain. At first, he didn’t want to be an actor. His first love was soccer. He worked hard at the gym because he wanted to be a professional athlete someday. But fate had other plans for him, and when he got hurt, he had to give up on that dream. Slowly but surely, he became more and more interested in performing in front of people.

Nicole was born in Germany, more than 2,000 kilometers away, and twenty years after her mother was born in the United States. Because of what her father did for a living, she had to spend a lot of her childhood in a number of different cities. She became fluent in French, German, English, Dutch, Italian, and Arabic, among other languages, thanks to her nomadic lifestyle. She also learned a lot about different cultures.

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But fate brought them together.

The famous Cannes Film Festival, where the actor and the financial advisor first met, was when the party was held. Antonio didn’t talk about what happened until a long time later. When he did, he said it was a very strange thing that happened.

At the time in question, Antonio didn’t know that the woman who would later become his fiancée had an almost identical twin sister named Barbara. Her sister was what caught his eye, and he didn’t hesitate to go up to her and start a conversation. “But suddenly Nicole appeared, and my heart skipped a beat. They are exactly alike, but I saw something that stood out in her, that made me click with Nicole,” recalls Antonio. But at the time, he was still married to Melanie Griffith, who is now his ex-wife, so their first meeting was just friendly.


They were brave enough to leave their comfort zones as a team.

After Melanie and Antonio’s divorce was finalized, he and Nicole were able to get back in touch and make it official that they were dating. Once they were together, Banderas said something that surprised both the media and his fans. He said he would leave Hollywood for good to pursue other things in his life. His fans and the news media were shocked by this.

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After that, he and his partner moved to London so he could work as a fashion designer there. After the training was over, they got right to work on their first big project together, which was the famous and very successful clothing line Antonio Banderas Design. They all helped the team succeed in their own unique ways. They were the perfect match for each other, and together they made sure that their new brand would do well.


When Antonio had health problems, it brought them closer together.

Antonio had a number of serious health problems at the beginning of 2019. After he had a heart attack, the actor says that Nicole’s quick response kept him from dying, and he says that Nicole saved his life: “When I started having symptoms, she knew what was happening. She put an aspirin under my tongue, and that saved my life. I got a second chance, and some things have changed in my life since then,” the actor recalls.

As they got closer and their relationship got stronger, they both realized that they needed to pay more attention to the things that really mattered in life. “The things that I gave a lot of importance to stopped being important. I switched to paying attention to the real things. My daughter is the real thing, my friends, my family.”


They were given a second chance to enjoy living together.

After Antonio had a heart attack, the couple made the hard decision to finally settle down in Andalusia, even though they had spent most of their lives going back and forth between England, Spain, and the United States. The Malagueño has often shown in public how much he loves and is proud of his country. Because of this, he has not hesitated to take time out of his busy schedule to show his partner every beautiful part of his country.

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Nicole doesn’t have any doubts about how she feels about living in Spain.  “I miss my family because I don’t spend as much time with them as before, but my place is next to Antonio, and that makes up for everything else. I am very happy in Malaga, the city has welcomed me with open arms, and I feel like a real Malagueña”.


They just had a party to mark the eighth anniversary of their wedding.

It’s not unusual for the media to always speculate about it and ask about it in every interview. However, there are no wedding bells in the Banderas household right now, and it doesn’t look like there will be any time soon.

The actor has said the following to explain his stance on the issue: “I’m kind of married. Nicole is my wife, and I’m her man. We’re doing great.” Whether they are married or not, it makes us happy to see them laughing and smiling as they celebrate their love to the fullest. We hope they will keep those big smiles on their faces for a very long time.


Which well-known couple do you think is the cutest? What, in your opinion, do you like most about them?