After the actress passed away without leaving a will, her son filed legal documents to take control of her inheritance.

Heche’s son with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, Homer Laffoon, submitted a petition to the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday (August 31) asking to be permitted to manage his mother’s estate.

Laffoon, 20, and Atlas Tupper, 13, Heche’s youngest child with ex-partner James Tupper, are listed as her only heirs in the petition.

Laffoon additionally submitted a petition requesting the appointment of a representative to represent the interests of his younger brother in court.

The paper claims that the estate’s valuation is a mystery. According to the Independent, this is because the first file stipulated that no one could assess a decedent’s assets without first having a court order.

According to the New York Post, a court hearing about the 53-year-inheritance old’s and a petition submitted by her oldest son will take place on August 11.

The actress from Six Days Seven Nights passed away on August 12 as a consequence of a terrible car accident that happened on August 5 in Los Angeles.

Days after her organs were removed for donation, she was declared brain dead and put off life support.

Her cause of death was ultimately confirmed by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner to be smoke inhalation and thermal burns. The collision resulted in a “sternal fracture owing to blunt trauma” and was classified as an accident.

The Donnie Brasco actor, who has worked in movies and television for more than three decades, was one of the biggest cinematic stars of the late 1990s, co-starring alongside performers like Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford.

Heche was married to actor Coleman Laffoon from 2001 to 2009, and from 2007 to 2018, she dated James Tupper. She had sons with both men.

Coley posted a video describing his son’s grief process on Instagram after her death was reported, writing: “In the wake of Anne’s passing, I just wanted to say a few things. One, I loved her and I miss her, and I’m always going to. Two, Homer is OK.”

“He’s grieving, of course, and it’s rough – it’s really rough, as probably anybody can imagine. But he’s surrounded by family and he’s strong and he’s gonna be OK,” he added.

Similar sentiments were expressed in a statement that her eldest son also gave to People. He wrote: “My brother Atlas and I lost our Mom. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I am left with a deep, wordless sadness,”

“Hopefully my mom is free from pain and beginning to explore what I like to imagine as her eternal freedom. Over those six days, thousands of friends, family, and fans made their hearts known to me,” he continued.

“I am grateful for their love, as I am for the support of my Dad, Coley, and my stepmom Alexi who continue to be my rock during this time,” he concluded.