The worst places to visit are hospitals, clinics, and veterinary clinics. Humans and animals alike feel anxious before going in for an exam. Pets can sense something is wrong when you take them to the vet for a checkup.

The friends hate the clinics regardless of their age, gender, or breed. Animals try to avoid going to these places by holding your hand, pulling themselves back, or looking into your eyes as if to say, “don’t take me to the vet, hooman.”

Some of the funniest images of our beloved crazy pets during these vet clinic trips demonstrate that they had the worst relationships with the vets and clinics, and how they wanted to avoid going there. There are cute photos of pets with terrified looks.


1. Don’t worry, it’s just a small injection.


2. Just take a u-turn and head back home.


3. When you’re afraid of needles.


4. Nah, I’m good in this carrier!


5. Together, we will face this awful experience.


6. This pup is planning to run away.


7. The moment when you realize you are going to the vet.


8. “I beg you hooman, I beg!”


9. 1..2..3..and run!


10. Pooch is trying to escape.


11. Nah, em not a doggo.


12. Wish we can go back!


13. Invisible cat!


“find me if you can!”


14. Aren’t we done yet, doctor?


15. Hey kitty, where are you? It’s your turn now.


16. “Hello Mam, I am doggo and I’ve my appointment today.”


Our own children end up crying or begging when they have to go to the doctor for vaccinations because their pets behave like that. Similarly, these pets behave the same way, and they both beg. At the very least, these brave folks mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for a small injection and then everything will be okay. If they are not mentally prepared, the only thing they can do is plan an escape strategy.

You can see these brave souls visiting the vet by scrolling down.


17. Told these pals that it’s their turn to the vet.


18. A little support can make everything okay.


19. If I can’t see you, then you also can’t see me.


20. That weird grumpy face!


21. That’s a nice escape plan.


22. Just hold their hands, and they will feel good.


23. Thanks to all of the brave people who overcame so many obstacles.


When you take your pet to the vet, how do they react? Let us know what you think in the comments.