“It’s not beautiful. It’s cruel,” he said. UK-based veterinarian Cat The Vet announced on her TikTok channel with a photo of her cutest flat-faced Persian cat in the background. It wouldn’t be surprising to have an Instagram page with thousands of followers on this adorable hairy ball, reminiscent of the iconic Grumpy Cat. So why do some call them cruel?

But in a series of public TikTok videos, Cat The Vet reveals all the popular, unstoppable pet breeds that are suffering from very serious health problems. A video series titled “Pets that look cute and cute!” It shows the less beautiful side of our beloved creatures that are overlooked.

From Scottish flat-faced dogs to munchkin and Persian cats, Cat’s videos offer a whole new perspective on the desirable traits of a pet’s “cuteness” and its potential to actually debilitate it.




1. Scottish Fold Cats.

“Look at those cute curved ears, aren’t they adorable?”

“Do you know why it bends? Because they have weak cartilage of debris that causes them to collapse under their own weight.”

“Do you know where else the cartilage is? All joints in your body. And do you know what weak and scary cartilage gives you? arthritis. These cats are basically deliberately breeding, incredibly painful and debilitating joint conditions, just because their small ears look cute.”

“However, this is not a sufficient excuse to raise a cat that will eventually be killed very quickly because it spends most of its life completely crippled and cannot even walk.”

“If you see these cats being used by brands for advertising purposes or being advertised by celebrities in the latest way, please let us know that they are not cute. This is cruel. ”


2. Flat-faced dog breeds.

“These dogs have great personalities and are great pets, but we have to talk about how they suffer under their appearance.

Many of these dogs have difficulty breathing normally, starting with the nostrils, which are usually small slits, and the face may be flat on the outside, but the inside has a normal length nose. It has about the same tissue as a dog. And it can really endanger your airways.

Do you know cute images on the internet of dogs that fall asleep with toys in their mouths or resting their heads? We do this because when you relax, all the excess tissue behind your mouth collapses completely, and if you don’t lift your toys or head, you literally choke during sleep.

They also suffer from many skin problems, especially itchy and sweaty skin folds. Painful cavities are common because the same number of teeth as a normal dog can get stuck in this small space.

Spinal abnormalities are very common. This means walking can be difficult and paralyzed.

And beautifully swollen eyes mean that they often suffer from painful eye problems. ”


3. The munchkin cats.

“These cats have genetic mutations that make their legs very short. I understand why people like them, but just because they think they’re cute, they deliberately have cats with debilitating genetic mutations. The fact of breeding remains the same. ”

Think about how active our cats are and how much they enjoy running, jumping, and playing. Munchkin cats still have that instinct, but they can’t do much because they are deliberately restricted.

X-rays show how the limbs and joints are actually deformed. See how smooth and straight a normal cat is compared to a short and twisted munchkin cat. See how smooth and clean the elbow joints of a normal cat are compared to how badly the munchkin cat is twisted.

This means that not only is the amount they can move physically limited, but this joint is also very painful.

International Cat Care, one of the world’s leading scientific organizations for cat research, describes Munchkin cats as follows: It should not be accepted as a race based on genetic malformations. ”


4. Exotic Bullies or Toad Bulldogs.

“Someone has come to say hello in essence, take the bulldog with his flat face, terrible skin, and terrible health problems and make things worse!

Look at the shape of this poor dog’s limbs. It is basically elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, horrific arthritis, completely and absolutely destined.

These dogs have a lot of trouble even walking. I don’t understand why everyone chooses to have a dog that obviously suffers from a lifetime look.

In some countries, these dogs are classified as torture and their production is illegal. And, of course, they always cut off their ears to insult their injuries. ”


5. Flat-faced cat breeds.

“Their small nostrils inevitably make them very difficult to breathe. Comparing them to ordinary cats shows how narrow, hard and flat their faces are.

No wonder they are suffering from tooth problems as there is no place for their teeth!

Their skulls are really deformed and flat, which can cause serious brain problems and are even fatal.

A flat face means that tears are not drained properly and can leave the face very sticky, dirty, and painful infected skin.

And those precious big eyes? In fact, it’s so far noticeable that it’s very vulnerable to trouble.

The final insult is this super fluffy thick coat that can’t wait for them to take care of themselves. ”


6. Pekingese Dogs.

“They have a lot of suffering in appearance. Their skulls are really flat. That is, they suffer from all the problems that the proud breed suffers from, such as eye, breathing, and skin fold problems. ”

Comparing their skeletons with those of ordinary dogs, we can see why they also suffer from so many mobility problems.

Pekingese are very vulnerable to overheating, mainly because of the large dresses they were bred and because of their flat face. In this photo of the best-in-show Pekingese dog, you can see him sitting in an ice pack to keep him cool in the sand. ”


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